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I am very happy to announce I have been nominated for two blog awards today. Having been a WordPress blogger and reader for many years, I am privileged that someone has taken notice of my blog, In My Mother’s Room: A Memoir. To say that I’m honored, considering the quality of the writing found on my Wordpress associates’ blogs, is an understatement. In this regard, I am very excited to have been nominated for the “Inspiring Blog Award” and “One Lovely Blog Award.”

I would like to thank Jackie, publisher of for nominating me. I encourage others to check out her blog. I’m confident you will find it inspiring and well worth your time.

As per the protocol of these awards, I have to tell you seven things about myself. Hmm…here goes:

1)  I am a graduate of The Ohio State University and bleed scarlet and gray from September through Thanksgiving (and, during good years, throughout the Bowl Game season). Go Bucks!

2) I have two amazing children and one equally amazing Beagle, Ella Fitzgerald.

3) I like to listen to an assortment of music genres, including Lil Wayne and The Avett Brothers. Having kids has kept my musical tastes relevant, and my son, a college jazz percussion major, continues to turn me onto such groups as Snarky Puppy and Robert Glasper Experiment. I also saw the Foo Fighters last summer in Columbus, Ohio. (Cross one off the Bucket List, and rest assured, Dave Grohl is a total babe.)

Foo Fighters discography

Foo Fighters discography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4) I turn 50 tomorrow!!!

5) Next spring, I should be hooded as I commence with my MA in English studies 🙂

6) I’m a grandma to little Ethan, two months old 🙂 🙂

7) And unlike my nominator, I LOVE the taste of beer 🙂 (Sorry, Jackie)

Here’s the best but most difficult part of the blogger award nomination protocol: I must nominate fifteen other bloggers. I read so many wonderful blogs, and if I could nominate all of them, I would. But since I must narrow them down, I nominate the following. Some inspire me, some teach me, and some make me chuckle.

I hope you take some time out to check out my nominees’ blogs. Grab a cup of coffee (or a beer) and enjoy.



19 thoughts on “Blog Awards

  1. Thank you so much, Jane! I’m glad you found my little alcove of interest!. I shall pass the torch this very night and invite others into this amazing exchange of information and support. Thanks again and congratulations on your own recognition.

  2. This isn’t so easy, picking blogs, is it!? I think I will have to give this more consideration and post by tomorrow night. There is such a wonderful, beautiful and interesting world out there to share *sigh*.

    • Thanks, Marlene! I did (busy weekend, though, which is probably why I didn’t see your comment till now 🙂 ) I love your blog and enjoy reading it. Now that I’m caught up from last weekend, I plan on doing just that…Jane

  3. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for your nomination! I’m very happy that you’re liking my blog. Now to these tasks of coming up with some fun facts about me, nominating blogs and checking out your other nominations. Hope your birthday was wonderful!


  4. Found you through Fire and Rabbits and just thought I’d check out your site–which I really like! Pleasantly surprised to find a blogger near my age (happy 50th BTW!) because most of the sites I visit, the bloggers are all young moms. I have 4 grown kids and one granddaughter (8 months), so I feel a little out of the loop reading about potty training and pre-school episodes. I’m with you on this: having young adult kids definitely keeps you young. I listen to their music and fight for the same causes. My youngest is a percussionist as well, so it really was nice to find someone like you today in the blogosphere that shares common ground with me! Whenever you get a chance, come on over and share a cyber beer ( or a nice glass of wine) with me at my humorous (Oh God, at least I hope it is!!!!!) blog site: I’ll be back for more posts!!!

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